Public Relations

I have been involved in the development of the www site SunBlock 99. This site was developed in collaboration with a few of colleges working with solar physics in UK. The purpose of the site is to inform the general public about the interesting physics that is going on in the solar atmosphere community, in a way that it can be understood without special knowledge.
We have recently (December 99) been awarded a sum of money by PPARC to finalise the project. This implies that the present material will be reevaluated in a more systematic way to reach a standard where the product may be used as a supplement to teaching in the secondary school. We have also been asked to extend the scope of the project in a way it will also cover the phenomena related to the sun earth interaction. The final product is expected to be ready summer 2001.
Apart from begin on the managing team of the project, I am also the author of one of the articles in Sunblock99. The one about Coronal heating and numerical attempts to solve it.


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