2001 Pictures

All 4 grandparants with Charlotte.

Chrisitne loves her books .

Charlotte is mad.

Charlotte is happy.

We are over there! Colorado you know!

Charlotte in the forest.

On the wilde road.

On the road again.

The last farvel to Villy.

Good food, spring.

Gold fever, try to dick it out.

Don't fall, it is a long way down.

Try to catch this fish.

Traditional music for a scotsman.

One Castle in Scotland.

Time for a nap.

Three girl on a forest trail.

What a view. Christine enjoyes it!

Family joy in Boestofte, spring

New York. Girls enjy it.

Charlottes 4th birthday.

Christine at a dance galle.

Christines eight year birthday.

Family walk in the spring.

Grandmar visiting Scotland.

Easter hunt for eggs.

Boulder skiing is fun!

This year tent, the joye of having something new...

Christine likes to take care of animals.

Christine and Charlotte, spring time.

Charlotte on her new bike.

Kirsty is visiting for the day.

Charlotte and Klaus on ski.

Christine likes the white stuff as well.

How do you feed a hungry bird?

Breakfast in the tent.

Kursins in the big weelt.

What is he upto?

Spring break.

Lunsh on the path.

Family Pictures

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