List of Current Research Projects

Eric with Graham Rickard, Bernard Roberts and Alan Hood

- developing models for barbs, filament channels, global structure and fibril structure (with Aaron Longbottom, Duncan Mackay, Aad van Ballegooijen and Robert Walsh).

Coronal Heating
- setting up models for coronal heating by reconnection (with Clare Parnell, Aad van Ballegooijen and the Stanford-Lockheed group).
- Making observations of loops with SoHO (with Richard Harrison, Jack Ireland and Robert Walsh).
- deducing the form of heating in loops by comparing models with Yohkoh SXT observations and hence deducing the coronal heating mechanism (with Jean Heyvaerts, Carl Foley, Tony Arber, Len Culhane and Loren Acton).

3D Reconnection
- developing models for the collapse of 3D nulls, the propagation of waves near them, and the processes of spine, fan and separator reconnection (with Clare Parnell, Klaus Galsgaard and Slava Titov).

3D Magnetic Topology and Bifurcations
- understanding the topology of complex magnetic fields and the nature of local and global bifurcations (with Daniel Brown and Gordon Inverarity).
- understanding the nature of the evolution of chaotic magnetic fields (with Slava Titov and David Lonie).

General Topics
- developing models for initiation of substorms, evolution of two linked tori and a virial theorem for coronal loops (with Thomas Neukirch).

Support of Magnetic Clouds in Star-Forming Regions
- developing a self-consistent model for support by Alfven waves (With Clare Martin and Jean Heyvaerts).

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