Launch of Hinode (SolarB)

Launch of STEREO

Robinson Medal, Armagh

3.4 Million Euros for Solaire

2.6 Million Pounds for Solar Theory Group

Clare Parnell Leverhulme Prize, Nov 2007

James Gregory Lectures on Science and Religion:
Launch of the lectures, Dec, 2007
Tom Wright -- Science and the Resurrection, Dec 20, 2007

Denis Alexander -- Science and Religion, Feb 28, 2008
Bruno Guiderdoni -- Science and Islam, April 17, 2008
John Polkinghorne -- Global Warming, Oct 9, 2008
John Houghton -- God and Suffering, Feb 19, 2009
Kenneth Miller -- Evolution and Creation, April 30, 2009
Keith Ward -- God, Science and the New Atheism, April 30, 2009

Gold Medal of RAS Awarded to Eric

Payne-Gaposchkin Medal Awarded to Eric

Institute of Physics Medal Awarded to Eric