Photographs (January, 2004)

Skiing in Tignes with Andy, Cathy, Jules (Cathy's sis), Matt, Dave, Nim, cousins Jonno and James

Eric and David:

Jules being Entertained by the Boys:

Eric, Jules, Nim and Matt:

Matt and Nim:

View from Appartment:

Hungry Skiers after a Good Day's Exercise:

In a Luxurious Ski Lift:

Nim, Matt and Dave:

A Refreshing Lunch Break:

James, Dave, Jonno amd Matt:

Matt and Nim:

Up to the Glacier:

On Top and Going Down the Glacier - Matt, Dave and Andy:

Relaxing in the Evening:

A Tired Nim with Chips and Chocolat Chaud:

Cathy, Dave, Nim, Matt and Andy at a Well-Needed Lunch Break:


Andy, Dave, Cathy & Nim in the Gondola from Val D'Isere: