A Magical Two Weeks in Kenya,
Visiting our son David with Clare and brother Gerry (May 2012)
(i) Nairobi:
The balcony of David's flat:

The fruit and vegetable sellers near his front door:

Mbuzi choma (roast goat) with David's friends:

(ii) A trip to several lakes in the rift valley:
The edge of the rift valley:

(iia) Lake Naivasha:

Who's eyes and ears are these?

A mother hippo playing with her baby a few feet away:

The merry gang (Gerry, Clare, David, Eric):

A crested crane:

Two dung beetles:

(iib) Lake Bogoria:

Flamingoes in the alkaline water with lots of algae:

A mongoose:

(iic) Lake Nakuru:
Early morning baboons:

Early morning family of jackals:


A white rhino:

A tranquil scene with storks and spoonbills:

A rock hirex - related to an elephant!!!:

David driving away baboons from his car
they had pinched our lunch:

(iii) Visiting some of David's farmers near Kisimu on Lake Victoria:

(iv) On Safari in the Masai Mara --
the Mara Safari Fairmont Lodge:

Our tent -- more luxurious than we are used to:

View of Mara river from our tent:

Hippo in the water below our tent
he could be heard snorting and grunting at night:

The terrace where we ate lunch:

Exploring in our jeep:

David enjoying a beer:

David with a giraffe:

David with an elephant:

A pile of sleepy hippos:

What's hiding here?

A gorgeous cheetah:

Clare with elephant:

David with a sleepy cat:

What's behind us this time?


Crested crane:

Our jeep stuck in the mud,
later rescued by a tractor:

(v) Visiting Mombasa and Diani Beach:
It was pouring with rain,
so Gerry and I explored old Mombasa,
while David and Clare went to the beach
Fort Jesus:

Liverpool supporter:

Beautifully carved wooden balconies:

Then Gerry and I made our way to our beach chalet by Tuk-Tuk, ....:

across the ferry, ...:

and by two "matatus" (local minibuses):

On reaching our chalet right on the beach,
David and Clare were emerging from their first of many swims:

Gerry relaxing in our chalet:

Fresh fish to be cooked by our chef:

having fun on the beach:

Coconuts strewn on the beach:

A fishing boat hollowed out of a tree with outriggers:

Friendly crabs:

An early morning stroll on the beach:

Sailing into the distance, singing as they went: