Three Weeks in Tenerife working in the mornings (actually playing) and playing in the afternoons (January 2012)
View of Tenerife from plane with my new iPhone:

coming closer -- above the engine is the valley of Masca down which we walked:

The view from the balcony of our apartment:

Having Sunday lunch with my family (Clare, Gerry (brother), June (sister) and Olive (mother):

My amazing 95-year old mum, who does crosswords and scrabble each day:

Clare's first of many dips in the sea:....

... and her first of many coffee stops:

A couple of trips to the Anaga mountains in NE Tenerife:
The view down to Taganana

A walk along the coast:

By the sea near Taganana:

What a lovely person I have to share my life with:

Our first fish meal outside by the sea in the warm air at 6 pm in the evening:

A walk with Gerry and Clare in the old volcanic caldera,
with Mount Teide in the background:

Lava is amazing:

Canarian pines growing in the lava streams on the walk:

Further along the walk:

A hoopoe bird:

One of many snorkeling adventures watching countless colourful fish -- a magical world:

Relaxing after snorkeling:

Clare and Gerry Feeling Thoroughly Relaxed:

An amazing 3.5 hour walk down a barranco (ravine) from Masca:
Masca was cut off from the outide world until 1991, when the first road to it was built -- it was an old smuggler's village

The ravine (see the size of the people) - sorry you need to lie on your side to see it:


A wee boulder blocking the way:

Near the End:

The bottom of the barranca from the sea shore:

Clare had driven us to Masca and then went by boat to the bottom of the ravine, where she met us and we all had a refreshing swim in crystal clear water with lots of fish:

The bottom of Masca barranca from the sea:

Leaving the bottom of the barranca by boat:

Our last evening fish meal by the sea:

Leaving Tenerife -- it was too short -- hope to stay longer next year: