Photos of St Andrews Chorus Coffee Morning (Oct 16, 2010)

Coffee Morning in full swing -- our first time in the Town Hall:

thanks to our amazing Coordinator, Sheila:

What a Brilliant Idea of Penny's to have a Hat Stall, seen here with Jo and Elena:

On the Seat of Custom, was our Fantastic Treasury Expertise -- Deirdre and Angus, helped by Donald:

In the Entrance Hall, the Garden Produce was masterminded by Ian, David and the incomparable Marjorie:

Occasionally hindered by Eric:

On the Raffle Stall David was being well entertained by Tori, Jo and the amazing Mima (her swansong after running our coffee mornings for donkeys' years -- thanks so much Mima):

In the Main Hall, Walter and Graeme did Sterling Work on the Bottles, while Marnie (with her stylish hat), Helen and Isobel tempted us all with Home Baking:

While Helen and Olive Bric-a-Braced to their Hearts Content:

and Janet Worked her Usual Magic on the Book Stall, as well as practising for her next Music Hall Appearance:

Clare and Eric enjoyed the Unusual experience of Trying on Hats:

and Angus conducted the Raffle after a liberal use of Hair Restorer:

Then we were entertained at the end by the Incomparable and hugely talented G&S Society with our own Emma, Kathryn, Alexandra, Jen, Adam and Patrick:

The energetic reaction of Iris and Gerry to the G&S Society: