Photographs from our Summer Holiday in Rum and Eigg
(Eric, Clare, Matt, Colin, David, Naomi, Andrew, Jonno, James, Gemma, Clive and Gerald)

En Route:
Gemma on the Glenfinnan Monument:

On the quay in Malaig waiting for the boat to Rum
(James, Jonno, david, Gerry, Gemma, Eric:

On the boat:

Approaching Kinloch Castle on the Isle of Rum:

The bed where we slept:

David and James emerging from Narnia:

A wet midgey walk:

Gerry resting after the walk:

Coulins of Rum:

Holes for one of the 60,000 manx sheerwater birds:

The second week on the Isle of Eigg:

The cottage where we stayed:

Having fun exploring the isand:

Gemma and Jonno:

Matt alone in the heather:

But not for long:

A walk up An Sgurr:

Back at the cottage playing games:

A walk to the north part of Eigg:

Brave Jonno and Clare:

Even Braver Gemma:

More Games:

Farewell from Gemma to Matt, David, Jonno, James after a great holiday: