Photographs at the Conference in Halkidiki, Greece, in Honour of Dennis Papadopoulos' 70th Birthday (June 15, 2009)

Conference Photos:

Opening Reception Overlooking the Conference Location:

View from Hotel Window:

Lunch with Dennis and Susan Papadopoulos and the organisers (Dimitris Vassiliadis and Loukas Vlahos):

Tumulus and Tomb Entrance of Philip of Macedonia (Father of Alexander the Great):

Mount Olympus, Home of Zeus:

Friends of Peter Cargill at Lunch:

Sergei Bulanov:

Dan Baker and Tuija Pulkkinen helping Find our Location:

Exploring Dion near the Foothills of Mt Olympus:

Mimosa Tree in Flower:

Remarkable 5th Century BC Carving:

100BC Pipe Organ:

Marco Velli (St Andrews Postdoc 1985-1989):

Trying to Explain a Point: