Photographs of Christmas with the Family (Dec, 2008)
(Sons Andrew, Matthew and David, daughter Naomi)

Singing carols at Balmoral hotel:

Naomi and David helping prepare for Xmas:

Eric with Andy, Matt, Dave and Matt's partner Colin:

Naomi (with orange juice) and Clare (with something stronger):

The family together at Christmas:

Brother Gerry opening a present (a Margaret Thatcher nutcracker):

All the presents opened:

Tzu-Ying, Jing and Shieh-Chien round to lunch:

Naomi and Colin "helping" carve the turkey:

Christmas lunch for 14 (including Jen and Brandan):

All round the Christmas tree:

Matt and Colin accompanying us as we sang carols:

Playing a game on Boxing day:

Matt and Dave singing some old songs (from Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat):

Having fun holding Matt:

Easier with a little help...:

or a little more from Gerry (but with no legs):

A game of screwing up our faces ..:

and then opening them up again: