PHOTOS 2003:
June,   July,   August,   Nov/Dec  
January 2004
January 2005
Egypt, Oslo, Durham, Skye, ...(2006)
Summer Trip to Montana and Canadian Rockies (2007)
(Short version)

PHOTOS 2007:
Twins' Friends (Oct),   St Andrews Chorus (Oct-Dec)

PHOTOS 2008:
Rosie's Wedding (June),     Summer Holiday in Glen Elg and Knoydart (July)
Cool Stars 15, Stirling (July),     Reconnection Workshop, Bad Honnef (August)
Louisa's Wedding (August),     Christmas with the family

PHOTOS 2009:
Edinburgh Science Festival (April)
Ken Miller Gregory Lecture (April)
Halkidiki Conference (June)
Visit to Montana (June/July)
Visit to China (July)
Family Holiday on Rum and Eigg (Aug)
Christmas at Home (Dec)

PHOTOS 2010:
Bill Newsome Gregory Lecture (April)
St Andrews Chorus Coffee Morning, Oct 16
Pauline Rudd Gregory Lecture (October)
Christmas (December)

PHOTOS 2011:
Colin Humphreys Gregory Lecture (March)
St Andrews Chorus Coffee Morning (March)
Our Garden in the Spring (start of April)
Gregory Lecture by David Myers (April 28)
Weekend near Ullapool (April 30)
St Andrews Chorus Gerontius Concert (May 7)
St Andrews Chorus Coffee Morning (October)

PHOTOS 2012:
3-week Trip to Tenerife (January)
2-week Trip to Kenya (May)
My Mum's 96th Birthday (June)

PHOTOS 2014:
Templeton Prize Lecture (April)
Mark Harris James Gregory Lecture (April)