Reason and Wonder:
Why Science and Faith Need Each Other

(edited by E Priest)
can be bought for £12.99 at SPCK or Amazon

Written for general readers of all religious backgrounds, Reason and Wonder introduces some of the most fruitful discussions now taking place between leading thinkers in science and theology.

"In this integrated approach, the notion of science as a monolithic concept is shattered. Instead, the sciences and humanities represent a rich tapestry, linked by a common search for understanding, using reason and imagination".

This fascinating book includes accounts of key points of convergence in areas such as astrophysics, biology, mathematics, neuroscience and psychology. There are chapters by many previous James Gregory Lecturers, including Keith Ward, Eleonore Stump, David Wilkinson, Jennifer Wiseman, Kenneth Miller, Pauline Rudd, David Myers, John Wyatt, John Swinton, Mark Harris and NT Wright.

The book also includes a stimulating set of questions on each chapter for group discussion or personal reflection.