James Gregory Public Lectures on Science and Religion:

Thoughts and Downloads on Global Warming

2008 (Oct): Lecture and Panel Discussion at St Paul's Cathedral,

2008 (Oct): Interview with Sally Magnusson,

2009 (Jan): "Trusting in Science or in God",
(Sermon in University Chapel, St Andrews)

2010 (Oct): Response to the new Stephen Hawking book

2011 (March): My Response to 3 of Templeton's "Big Questions"
(Materialism and Reality, Science and Morality, A Future for Religion)

2011 (July): Comments on Climate Change

2011 (August): Television Interview with Sally Magnusson,

2011 (November): A Quest in Science and Christianity (Aberdeen)

2012 (Nov 2): An Interview in the Church Times

Activities of the Doctrine Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church
(e.g., Copies of the Grosvenor Essays can be downloaded here, such as "Marriage and Human Intimacy" and "The Art of Dying Well")