Solar Orbiter: Synergy Between Theory and Observations

RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting

Friday 10th November 2017

Royal Astronomical Society, London


Duncan Mackay (St Andrews)

Andrzej Fludra (RAL)

Louise Harra (MSSL/UCL)

Tim Horbury (Imperial College)

Chris Owen(MSSL/UCL)

Scientific Rational

The ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter mission will employ a suite of solar remote sensing and in-situ helio-spheric instruments. UK groups have been active in these and related fields for many years in advanced observational and theoretical investigations. Due to the close proximity of its launch date, the time is now ideal to bring together observers and theoretical modellers to initiate a synergy between the two areas of Solar Orbiter science. We will explore science relevant to the unique capability of Solar Orbiters remote sensing solar and in-situ helio-spheric instruments.

In particular we will consider:

  1. The link between the solar surface and the corona in relation to the origin and development of stable and eruptive magnetic phenomena in the Sun’s atmosphere.
  2. How solar eruptions produce energetic particle radiation and how this radiation fills the helio-sphere.
  3. How the solar dynamo works and how the Sun’s magnetic field links into space.
  4. How the magnetic structure of the heliosphere is affected by transient phenomena.
  5. The origins of both the fast and slow solar wind and how in-situ composition signatures of the solar wind match their source regions.

Registration and Abstract Submission

To attend the meeting please register and reserve your place using the Eventbrite link: Register here.

Abstract submission has now closed but please follow the link above to register and attend the meeting.

Travel Support

STFC has provided some travel money that can be used to support attendance by members of the UK community who are not members of a Solar Orbiter instrument group at meetings relevant to the mission. We can therefore make available some of this funding to support presenters at this meeting. We anticipate we can reimburse travel costs up to £100 per presenter. Colleagues who may wish to claim this funding should contact Chris Owen who will supply the relevant claim forms.


Invited Speakers:

Dr Daniel Mueller (ESA Solar Orbiter Project Scientist)

Dr Alexis Rouillard (Chair of ESA 'Modelling and DATA Analysis Working Group (MADAWG)')

The full programme for the meeting is here

Meeting Information

This Specialist Discussion meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society will take place on 10th November 2017 (10:30 – 15:30, coffee from 10:00), in the Lecture Theater for the Royal Astronomical Society at Burlington House , Piccadilly, London W1J 0BG. The nearest tube stations are Piccadilly and Green Park.


There are no registration fees for Fellows of the RAS. For participants who are not RAS Fellows there is an Admission charge of £15. Students who are not RAS Fellows pay an Admission charge of £5 (but note that students can join the RAS for only £1). This meeting will be followed by the monthly A&G meeting, which is free for all.


For inquiries about this meeting please contact Duncan Mackay (dhm at