Research Topics

The Solar Corona3D coronal equilibria, instabilities & numerical MHD simulations.

The GeodynamoNumerical models of dynamos & convection in planetary interiors.

Recent Papers

Linear Stability of Prominence Equilibria:
  • The MHD Stability of a Twisted, Flux Tube Prominence Model (51Kb)
  • ...... with figures (92Kb)
  • The Effect of Magnetic Shear on the MHD Stability of a Prominence Model (52Kb)
  • ...... with figures (63Kb) Nonlinear m=0 instability in a flux tube:
  • The Nonlinear MHD evolution of Axisymmetric Line-tied Loops in the Solar Corona (41Kb)
  • ...... with figures (671Kb) Parker's Braiding Problem:
  • Magnetic Flux Braiding: Force-Free Equilibria and Current Sheets (52Kb)
  • ...... with figures (309Kb) Multigrid Methods in Solar MHD:
  • On Some Practical Aspects of Multigrid Methods In Obtaining Three-Dimensional Coronal Equilibrium Solutions (53Kb)
  • ...... with figures (105Kb) Review (Chapman Conference on CMEs):
  • The Topology and Instability of Complex Magnetic Fields (35Kb)
  • ...... with figures (126Kb) Prominence Equilibria:
  • An MHD model for solar coronal plumes (130kb) Geodynamo and Convection Models:
  • Linear Magnetoconvection in a rotating spherical shell, incorporating a finitely conducting inner core (53Kb)
  • ...... with figures (394Kb)
  • A self-consistent convection driven geodynamo model, incorporating a finitely conducting differentially rotating inner core (48Kb)
  • ...... with figures (1.068Mb)
  • The influence of boundary region heterogeneities on the geodynamo (1.249Mb) 602 people have accessed this page since 8 August 1997.
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